Hit or Miss

I’m one of this week’s 7 Deadly Sites. I still can’t imagine why anyone actually reads or enjoys my site, let alone want to feature it as a cool stop or on television.

Since I don’t think the reviews are archived, here’s the mention:

If you’re ever completely frustrated with searches on the web and find yourself losing faith in the Internet itself then console yourself with the fact you’re not alone. Everyone has on and off success with finding what they want and one angered American set up a site devoted to his searching results to express his frustration at this. What he was left with was a useful web surfing resource. Hit-or-miss.org got its name from the fact that searches can yield a hit or a miss result at any given time. So he lists his hits and his misses – a collection of randomly interesting site links – for the public’s benefit.

Yeah. Where do people come up with these descriptions of my site?

(BTW, Web Queeries was also recently featured in an article).