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Hit or Miss


Web Queeries is down for the time being while I try to Blogger-XML/PHP-ize it (it may take a day or two).

I set up a samba server on my linux box tonight so that I can map my web files as a drive on my Windows PC (previously I used a hokey ftp program that tricked my PC into thinking a drive had been mapped). It took me far longer than it should have to get it working correctly, which is why I should never be the administrator of a machine-critical server.

I’m also getting really sick of the current design of this weblog. Hopefully I’ll have time soon to revamp – I’m thinking about readding the “hit” and “miss” ratings on each post.

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oh yeah, i was wonderin’… 🙂

jay | 17 Jan 2001

Yes! Bring back the Hit/Miss ratings!

Chris | 19 Jan 2001