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Xmas highs and lows.

Hit or Miss

Xmas highs and lows.

Thanks to sending my parents a link to the exact beard/mustache trimmer I wanted, Santa delivered and I am now properly groomed.

But I spent Christmas Eve at a dinner party at some strangers’ house (friends of my parents I had never met before) and got to listen to my mother wax rhapsodic over the Christmas getaway she and my father took 27 years ago WHEN I WAS CONCEIVED. Yes. That is what she announced to the entire dinner table.

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Mortifying as it may have been, Matt, take solace in knowing you are not alone. My dad has told me (and numerous others) about the circumstances surrounding my own conception so many times that it’s now just part of family folklore–heck, I’ll just tell it as a conversation-starter in social gatherings now, I’ve grown so immune to any shame over it. You should embrace your mom’s tale and be thankful it isn’t something boring like: “We turned the lights out, we had sex, we turned the lights back on and watched Johnny Carson.” (My own, in long-story-short format: Very drunk and relatively newlywed parents, no birth control handy, drive home from a wild Naval base party, the hood of an MG Midget convertible, and so on…It’s only embarrassing the first hundred or so times your dad tells your friends, I promise :-). )

Max | 26 Dec 2000