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Hit or Miss

What’s Matt been doing during his (too-long) break from work?

  1. Shopping ’till I drop with the mom. Unfortunately, I’ve found little I’ve wanted to buy.

    What’s the story with Old Navy and their now miniscule selection of pocket-t’s and boxers? Since when do all the clothes in the stores I frequent suck? Why are all the 32″ waist pants too tight and all the size-medium shirts too big?

  2. Fuming over President-Elect Bush’s cabinet appointments.

    Where’s the bi-partisan spirit that was promised? Ashcroft being nominated for Attorney General is particulary worrisome (I’ll let the real-Missourian Reese explain why).

  3. Buring little dots into my corneas playing Snood around the clock. I can’t get past level 46.
  4. Vacilating over whether I should turn in my resignation and start looking for a new job for the next academic year or not.

    Now that I’ve left rural Kirksville for a span of time (and spent it in rural Soddy-Daisy, TN), I’m feeling more apt to just stay put for another year and enjoy the nice apartment that comes with my job. I can’t be sure that another hall director position at another school wouldn’t drive me crazy as well.

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Did the job as the director of the res hall libraries come open at IU? You had mentioned that it was your “dream job”, and it seems like a perfect position for your mix of experience/education. Somehow your journal entries over the past academic year don’t seem like someone who is thrilled with their current job. Good luck with your decision!

Sherrie Willilams | 30 Dec 2000