Hit or Miss

Please make it stop

Please make it stop. Comedy Central’s TV Funhouse is the most bizarre half-hour of television I’ve seen in a long time. It disturbed me more than the show-choir concert I went to last night.

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Hey, some of us had our formative uh, “musical” experiences in Show Choirs…

David | 7 Dec 2000

Bizarre? Yes. Disturbing? Yes. But man, I just thought it was funny as hell (I mean, that cat giving birth! How hilariously horrific was that?)–and unlike most show choir concerts *I* have to attend, it had neither a medley of “Contemporary Christmas Hits” nor any ill-advised solo turns by someone who really should be hanging back on the third riser or so.

Max | 7 Dec 2000

The regurgitated rats. The puking. Oh god.

ernie | 7 Dec 2000

And this one time, at choir camp…

TheBrad | 9 Dec 2000