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Hit or Miss

Trimming the grey hairs from my beard is getting to be addictive. Now I’m experimenting with the little scissors on my swiss army knife to try to cut just the white ones out (my facial hair is relatively sparse, so I want to spare all the nice happy dark hairs that I can).

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uh… you too? i pluck those little suckers out with tweezers. luckily they are few and far between, but yeouch!

jay | 8 Dec 2000

I’m way too much of a baby to pluck. Otherwise, I’d also be doing something about the furious mono-brow I have going on.

Matt | 8 Dec 2000

If you have a beard trimmer or an electric razor that has a trimmer on it, just use that on your monobrow. Zzzzt, and you’re done. That’s what I do.

Jason | 8 Dec 2000

Matt–as far as the monobrow goes, I say go for the gusto and get it waxed. Painful? At first–but what isn’t? “Girly”? Not if you’re secure in your reeking-of-testosterone manhood. Awesome? Absolutely. That little freshly-waxed middle part will feel as good and clean and–dare I sayit?–newborn as if a tiny bird had perched on your head and plucked each hair out with its beak. Mmmmmm…elephant fresh (thanks, Homer S.). It’s addictive. (Just don’t let them make you look like Joan Crawford or anything.)

Max | 8 Dec 2000

Wow, Matt. You’re so butch.

Chris | 8 Dec 2000