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I finally bought a digital camera

Hit or Miss

I finally bought a digital camera

I finally bought a digital camera. I decided to go with the Olympus D-360L, and as soon as I can figure out how to get the serial cable working, I’ll upload some shots.

Update: I finally figured out that I have to close down my Palm HotSync Manager program to be able to download the photos from my camera with the serial cable. Annoying. But, my next purchase is going to be a USB SmartMedia card reader.

So, predictably, my first photo is of my new TiVo player. Notice how the little feet underneath overextend the front of my tv? The TiVo is freaking huge!

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Dear God, is that a wood-grain TV? Isn’t it blasphemy to sit a TiVo on that thing?

Anil Dash | 23 Oct 2000

I’d like to point out that a reader emailed me to say that he was having problems with his Olympus camera and that turning off the HotSync Manager solved it for him also. Am I good or what?

Matt | 24 Oct 2000