Hit or Miss


Ever since creating my first personal homepage way back in 1995, I’ve labored to come up with an interesting, unique, but intutive navigational structure to break down the areas of my life (of course, that’s what all web design boils down to, doesn’t it?).

So here’s an idea of what my homepage might be looking like soon…

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But where’s the Blog? =)

Vis10n | 21 Oct 2000

It’s right here, goofhead! 🙂 Matt also owns matthewkingston.com, which is where I’m assuming the design is headed. Looking good so far, M.

Jason | 22 Oct 2000

Matt is not Keanu, but who needs Keanu if you can have Matt? 😉 Cool design, Matt! I wish I had the confidence to make my mug shot part of my design 🙂

Firda | 23 Oct 2000