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Sunday in the Dorm with Matt.

Hit or Miss

Sunday in the Dorm with Matt.

I didn’t participate in the Behind the Curtain project because my life is pretty dull. Case in point, my day today:

  1. Wake up at 10am on a rainy morning and contemplate skipping Mass.
  2. Drag my ass to Mass. Listen to fiery homily about the symbolism of the cross, which convinces me I need to buy a cross to wear as soon as possible.
  3. Eat huge lunch since it’s the only meal served on Sundays.
  4. Spend entire afternoon working in my office (yes, on a Sunday).
  5. Go be advisor at hall government meeting.
  6. Go be advisor at hall judicial board meeting.
  7. Drive to WalMart to buy a cross.
  8. Start to drive home and get pulled over by a policeman. Turns out I was driving without my headlights on. Started to wish I had bought a St. Christopher’s medal instead. Managed to get off with just a warning.
  9. Pick up dinner from Taco Bell.
  10. Come home and add entry to weblog before eating my fast food.

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Do I have to be the one to point out the number of this post, and the mild irony of the contrast between that and its content?

[glances to left, glances to right]

Guess so. 🙂

Freakho | 26 Sep 2000