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I am horribly depressed.

Hit or Miss

I am horribly depressed.

Everyone has won a TIVO but me. I’m too embarassed to post my losing essay though. Anyone want to write an entry for me so I can win one?

Update: payment of at least one month of TiVo service is required of all winners. Using the TiVo service requires the box to be hooked up to a phone line so it can make a nightly data download call. I doubt there is a local TiVo phone number for my area. I bet that the TiVo people looked at my zip code, realized there’s no local phone number for my area, and thus decided to not award me with a free TiVo.

I’m going to keep repeating that until I convince myself it’s the reason I didn’t win one.

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Someone suggested sending in essays that had previously been rejected to test for randomness in the system. Why not try that?

And if you really hate your own, mathowie opened up his for use. Go on! do it! I wanna see if it works. 🙂

Freakho | 26 Sep 2000

I’m starting to wonder about the whole random winner thing myself–not that I’m complaining (I’ll save my complaining for when my TiVo unit doesn’t get herevia UPS fast enough). They seem to really be weighting the “humor” category and favoring self-deprecation–it seems like many of the winning essays have the subtext of “I NEED television in my life and TiVo will help me further insulate myself from the real world.” Lord knows that was the subtext of mine, anyway. In any case, I say keep trying with various aliases until you win.

And I thought the nightly call was a toll-free deal–am I wrong?

Max a.k.a. “One of da Winnerz”

Max | 27 Sep 2000

Okay… why does everyone want a Tivo? I, myself, am getting a ReplayTV device (the one with 60 hours of recording time on it!).

Is there really that much of a difference between the two?

Vis10n | 27 Sep 2000

Just e-mailed you my winning code and the details you need to pick it up.
You’ll need to ring them to sort out the shipping address. Good Luck.

Neale | 27 Sep 2000

Thanks Neale, but right after you posted this, I won!

Matt | 27 Sep 2000