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Hit or Miss

Beloit College Releases the Class of 2004 Mindset List. I really find this interesting, since I’m working with freshmen in my residence hall. As a former southerner, my favorite is “Bear Bryant has never coached at Alabama.” I was only born in 1974, but during the time I lived in Alabama, his presence was still strongly felt in the state.

Even funnier is this continuation/parody of the list.

It’s only been 7 years since I was a freshmen in college, but I still can’t get over how much STUFF the freshmen brought to my building this year. When I moved in at DePauw, I had a little radio and a few tapes and an old PC that could barely run Windows 3.1 (one of the only computers on my floor). Campus LANs were still a few years off and there was no cable in the residence halls. But kids today brought computers, huge stereos, hundreds and hundreds of CDs, 27″ and larger TVs, VCRS, DVD players, and tons of furniture. Kids today are too soft. They don’t really need all the creature comforts of home during the time that they’re in college. It’s no wonder academics are declining in this country when the students bring all these distractions with them to school.

Could I sound any more like an old fuddy-duffy? Maybe it’s because I turn 26 on Saturday, Sept. 9th.