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I have a new boyfriend.

Hit or Miss

I have a new boyfriend.

No, not really. But if there was any justice in the world, he would be Jesse Bradford.

I went to see a play with some friends tonight, but we ended up sneaking out at intermission because we all wanted to go see Bring It On (it isn’t often that a movie actually plays here on it’s opening weekend). So I felt a little shady for passing up live theatre and culture and all that for a teeny-bopper flick about cheerleaders, but it has Eliza Dushku (Faith from Buffy) in it and Ian Roberts (from Upright Citizens Brigade) doing a mean Bob Fosse imitation — I mean, come on! How could I resist? Besides, it brought back all sorts of wonderful flashbacks from when I helped run the summer conferences program at DePauw and we had a steady stream of cheerleaders at Cheer Camp all summer (those male cheerleaders are mighty fine).

And the movie has him in it. Jesse. Ahhhhh. Both Shannon and I were drooling over him before the movie was even over. And as soon as we both got home, we both looked him up on the internet and realized he was in Hackers, and then phoned each other and sheepishly admitted what we had both done. How sad and pathetic am I? (well, at least Shannon is too)

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jesse’s mine.stay away. j/k!! ya know,he’s in a lot more than Hackers. he’s in, like, 12 other movies. i just finished watching King of the Hill, a movie he starred in when he was 14. he really is incredible!

sara | 15 Apr 2001


anna | 20 Jul 2002