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Slow Saturday.

Hit or Miss

Slow Saturday.

Today I finally got out of Kirksville (I haven’t left town since I moved here in May) and went to the mall in Columbia (1 1/2 hour away). I bought a linen shirt from J. C. Penny, a new pair of running shoes, and two pairs of pants (1 & 2) and a shirt from American Eagle (all told, I dropped about $200).

Also, I bought a copy of Rupert Holmes’ Greatest Hits. You know Rupert — he’s the guy who wrote and sang Escape (or, the Pina Colada song). I’m a big fan of his musical, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, but I’ve really been digging his music lately (that I sampled from Napster). But I’m a good Napster user, so I went and bought his CD today.

I don’t know why, but his music always makes me think of David Gagne (maybe because of the themes of unrequited love that always run through his music? Or maybe because I think DVG would sound like Rupert Holmes if he sang a song?).