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Dammit! Why isn’t my WalMart

Dammit! Why isn’t my WalMart slipping up and selling the book early? I went by the 24hr Super WalMart today to see if they would be putting the new Harry Potter book on the shelves at Midnight or in the morning. The people I talked to barely knew who Harry Potter was let alone that a new book was coming out. I’m setting aside Saturday and Sunday to read the book, so I must get my hands on a copy.

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Well, that’s probably the exact attitude at the Wal-Mart that got early copies issued in the first place. “Geez, what’s the big deal? No one’s going to buy this Harry Porter book when we’ve got all-new Chicken Soup for the Teen-aged Christian Soul, Left Behind, Left Behind for Teens and Left Behind for Kids books available.” The saddest thing is that I STILL look through the book section at Wal-Mart thinking I might find something I would like.

Bill | 5 Jul 2000

They’ve never heard of Harry Potter? …… You really are nowhere.

Jason | 5 Jul 2000