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Martha Stewart, Anti-Christ

Martha Stewart, Anti-Christ. I was just flipping the channels and happened across Martha Stewart Living, where Martha was making a Rice Crispy treat birthday cake (?) with the help of two children who seemed completely terrified to be in her presence (I don’t know how she got them to smile for the photo on the website).

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If it’s like her other “working with children” segments, she has pilfered the tykes from her own seemingly inexhaustible supply of nieces and nephews (and their friends). More disturbing, really, is the sheer cloying grossness of the “confetti squares” recipe. It is in this month’s issue of her magazine as well (quit laughing! So I subscribe–I, um…just read it for the articles about scissors. Yeah, that’s it…) and just looking at the super-sweet combo of rice krispies AND cap’n crunch AND fruit loops is enough to send one running to the nearest chintz-emblazoned vomitorium.

Max | 3 Jul 2000

LOL. You know Max, the best thing about having the comment links on my weblog is that people like you write such hilarous feedback to my posts. Thanks!

Matt | 3 Jul 2000