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Hit or Miss

A pivotal day in the life of a young, newly minted professional… Tomorrow, I get my new office. A room, a desk, a chair, a telephone, a computer… the whole shebang.

No secretary though. Here at Truman, we are administratively light — that means that I’ll get all sorts of wonderful opportunities for growth and learning by doing — so no secretary. Thank goodness I know how to use Microsoft Office efficiently.

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I don’t have a secretery either…but I do have a PC on my desk I’ve nicknamed “Moneypenny.”

Oh, and it’s a small world, Matt! I just spoke with a Truman State grad here in the library in Savage, MN. I saw his MO drivers license and commented that a friend of mine just took a new position there supervising a Res Hall. He asked which one. I couldn’t remember, so he named two of them…and “Centennial” rang a bell. (It is Centennial, right???)

Chad | 7 Jun 2000