Hit or Miss

When I grow old.

As I ate lunch at McDonald’s today, I watched a group of 10 or 12 senior citizens who were all eating together. It got me to thinking about what kinds of things I’ll be doing when I’m their age. When I think of my grandparents, I think of them reading books, listening to vinyl records, and playing BINGO. I do all of that now (well, except for the playing BINGO part). But my grandparents don’t know how to use computers, surf the internet, or even program a VCR. Someday, in 2050, will I be sitting in the corner of an old folks home coding HTML and listening to MP3s?

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Dude, bingo is cool. No lie. Seriously.

Jason | 12 May 2000

Okay, I didn’t want to admit it in the post, but I have played and enjoyed BINGO. You haven’t played BINGO until you’ve played a high-stakes game at the reservations out in New Mexico…

Matt | 14 May 2000

Yeah, there are super-jackpot bingo parlors out in the Chicago boonies, in the casinos, but the most fun I had was watching all the bingo regulars, with their good luck idols and their bingo rituals and their twentyeleven bingo markers lined up just so… that, and when I started to actually play, I got overtaken in a number-stamping lust to win, like I was channelling Beavis. Kinda scary.

Jason | 16 May 2000