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Missouri sucks.

Hit or Miss

Missouri sucks.

I failed the written drivers test today (even after studying the manual yesterday in the public library). They told me I could take it again, so I drove back to the library, studied the book, returned, took the test again, barely passed it, got the worst driver’s license or ID picture I’ve EVER had, and then drove BACK to the library so I could finally get a library card.

Then I spent the afternoon reading magazines in the library.

I am so bored. The cable doesn’t work in my dorm room and I don’t know anyone in town.

After attending a large public university, I wanted to return to the slow pace of a small college like the one I went to for undergrad. And now that I’m actually here, I can’t believe how much I miss the fast paced life I led in Bloomington at IU.

I hope I didn’t make a mistake.

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Hang in there. Even if it sucks, you can always job-hunt again for next year, yes?

Keep your eyes open for extra-curricular activities. Clubs and whatnot. Drive around and see what nightlife there is. Start a ruckus. Invite people down to visit.

A punk once told me, “There are no boring places, just boring people.” If you’re bored out there, chances are there are other folks there who were bored and have done something about it. Track them down; they’re still doing it.

Jason | 12 May 2000

Thanks for the pep talk, Jason. Problem is, all the students have gone home so there isn’t really anyone around. I don’t think I fit in in this town – too much plaid shirts, goatees, and baseball caps (which unlike Jay, I can not pull off).

Matt | 14 May 2000

Matt, I agree with Jason! You know that this is the place
that fits you best… you and Bob said so all along.
Once fall comes, even once you start your job, life
will be fun and crazy again! You will probably miss these
all of this free time! If nothing else, the slow
Missouri summer will give you a chance to email all of
your old friends (hint, hint). Now you have no excuse not to
stay in touch! Hang in there, Matt… it will get better soon!

Bertie | 15 May 2000