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Oscars 2000

Hit or Miss

Oscars 2000

After all the controversy (missing ballots, missing statues, the profanity-laced Best Song nominee from SOUTH PARK, and no Debbie Allen dance number), the 72nd Oscars turned out to be a fairly entertaining evening.

Billy Crystal’s taped opening, with the West Side Story homage, was funny. Combined with the GAP ads, that musical had quite a bit of air play last night. The GAP ads were easily my favorite. The Pepsi commericial with that little “ba-ba-ba” girl dressed up with the band KISS was downright frightening.

I didn’t at first like all 5 Best Song nominees being strung together, but the beautifully restrained performance of winner Phil Collins’ “You’ll Be in My Heart” won me over (I still think his score for Disney’s TARZAN is one of my favorite recent animated scores). And the wonderfully unrestrained performance of “Blame Canada!” from SOUTH PARK: BIGGER, LONG, & UNCUT was a stitch.

The “favorite songs from the movies” sequence was enjoyable too. But poor Faith Hill! Having to recreate songs so identifiable with Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand! Poor Isaac Hayes! Lost in that cloud of fog!

I’m glad Hillary Swank won Best Actress for BOYS DON’T CRY, even if her acceptance speech was a little too polished & professional for my taste. Her comments that this film probably wouldn’t have been a few years ago is true. Even more so, she would never have even been nominated for this kind of part a few years ago.

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I think I agree with everything you say, except the Hilary bit. I’m glad she was able to keep it together for a few moments on stage. It’s clear that her mind wasn’t *totally* there, since she forgot to thank her husband Chad Lowe on stage (although she did once she got backstage).

Billy | 28 Mar 2000

You didn’t like the Pepsi ads? Herself and I thought they were great, on a par with the Gap ads, and better than most of the dreck that was in the Super Bowl. The KISS ad was better than the Faith Hill one, IMHO.

*whistles “Blame Canada” on his way out*

Scott | 28 Mar 2000