Hit or Miss

Urg. The redesign isn’t going

Urg. The redesign isn’t going well. I thought it would look clean and simple, but it’s just looking kind of sterile. So far, Jason likes the version with the gallery photo. Scott misses the bolded, blue text of the old version.

So what do you think? Use my new comment system (below) and let me know if you like the gallery version, the red target version, the b/w target version, or wish I went back to the old version.

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I like the bw target best. I like all of them best (*flutter* *flutter*)

John | 27 Mar 2000

i gotta say, I like the red target best, brand recognition ‘n’all you know… gallery next.

neale | 27 Mar 2000

I too like the red target version best, with the bw gallery a distant second. Would there be a way to put the gallery gif down the right side of the text? Just a thought.

Kevin | 28 Mar 2000

i like the red target the best… but why is the title graphic such low resolution? it looks blurry to me. maybe it’d look better as a transparent gif?

brian | 28 Mar 2000

I like the red target, but I like the smaller version in the original design (maybe because the image is sharper than the bigger one). But overall, it’s version 2.

Billy | 28 Mar 2000

If you have to redesign, red target. If not, old style for sure.

Scott | 28 Mar 2000