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Hit or Miss

The Most Harmful Drinks in America

The Most Harmful Drinks in America: Graphic representations of the amount of sugar & fat in various soft drinks & milkshakes. Ex. Arizona Kiwi Strawberry = 7 bowls of Froot Loops.

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Anthropomorphic Cannibalism

Anthropomorphic Cannibalism: Food so good that it actually eats itself.

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Cake Wrecks

Cake Wrecks: Every time I visit this site I laugh so hard I cry and can’t breathe.

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Souvenirs: Photos of souvenirs and postcards held up in front of the landmarks the commemorate.

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Rabbit vs. Rabbit

Rabbit vs. Rabbit: These are two enormous rabbits.

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WTC Before & After

WTC Before & After: Because I never saw the WTC towers before they fell, these photos finally put my old neighborhood (Below Fulton St) into context. It’s still hard to imagine how big those buildings actually were.

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Classic B&W horror film stills with photoshopped color

Classic B&W horror film stills with photoshopped color

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The Lego Suicides

The Lego Suicides: a photoset on Flickr.


Metro Arts and Architecture

Metro Arts and Architecture: NYC Subway stations are dull and depressing compared to other systems around the world.

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colr.org: generate color palettes from photos.

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