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Hit or Miss

Gene therapy fixes color blindness in monkeys

Gene therapy fixes color blindness in monkeys: Results could one day lead to cures for human vision disorders (although I would would stick a needle in my eye to cure my color blindness).


Tech Support Cheat Sheet

Tech Support Cheat Sheet: This is how I fix all computer problems.

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WWJT? (What Would Jesus Tweet)

WWJT? (What Would Jesus Tweet): Trinity Church reenacts the Passion Play on Twitter ("My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" is less than 140 characters).

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Children of Men’s long takes

Children of Men’s long takes: An explanation of how a few of the very long and complicated takes in the movie were done using new techniques.

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Get Perpendicular

Get Perpendicular: Schoolhouse-Rock style explanation of Hitachi’s new higher-capacity hard drive technology.

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