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apartment hunting

Hit or Miss

Apartment Hunting

Jeff & I have been hunting for apartments the past several weekends — I’ve lost count of how many we’ve seen.

They’ve mostly been no-fee apartments so far. They tend to fit into 2 categories: a) way overpriced, tiny, with unnecessary stainless steel appliances (seriously, $2500 a month for a 1-bedroom that can barely fit a full size mattress and a 10×10 combined kitchen/living room?), or b) slightly more affordable, slightly larger rundown walk ups in sketchy areas.

We’ve started checking out broker’s fee apartments and they’re not much better. The problem is that we’re only looking on the west side to accommodate both our commutes and that’s an expensive area.

This whole process is very stressful and Jeff & I have been handling that stress in very different ways. Jeff vibrates with so much nervous energy I think he’s going to break free of earth’s gravity and I pretend I’m not worried and then can’t get a single night’s sleep.

We have until the middle of May to find a place, so I think we still have enough time to reconcile to the fact that whatever we pick is going to have serious drawbacks that we’ll just have to live with.