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iPhone musings

Hit or Miss

iPhone musings

Jeff finally replaced his ailing 3-year-old, out-of-contract cellphone with an iPhone. And I’m livid. Who does he think he is, buying a phone more technologically advanced than my Treo? (and buying an iPhone before I get the chance when my Spring contact ends in January?)

I’m actually on the fence about the iPhone, as I’ve been alternately considering the Blackberry Bold or TMobile G1. But playing with Jeff’s iPhone has convinced me I’ll probably buy one in January. But I still wish the iPhone had a user swappable battery and an external card slot for expandable memory (the G1 would be my top choice if it had a standard headphone jack and if TMobile offered me an employer discount like AT&T does).

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As beautiful as the G1 is, I have issues with the philosophies of T-Mobile as a company. Their whole not acknowledging Israel’s existence is a little bit of a downer to me…

As for the iPhone, does this mean you and Jeff are gonna get on a family plan and save some dough? And the Blackberry Bold looks pretty awesome. I just ordered the AT&T Tilt, though (free thanks to upgrade and loyalty… and refurbished…).

ay | 30 Nov 2008

You’ll love the iPhone! … I’ve loved both of mine (the original, and now a white 16GB 3G).

: )

Silus Grok | 1 Dec 2008

Iphone is a very good device as is the Blackberry. I have a BB Curve, which I’ve loved, and am actually getting the Bold tomorrow. I owned Treos for yrs and it only took me a few days to forget the touch screen.
It really depends what you need the device for. If you deal with a lot of email and are an on the go person then the BlackBerry is the way to go. Much easier to deal with email and type on plus it can be used 1 handed. If you’ll use it more for media than iphones the way to go. Best mobile browser and media phone. The Bold is an on the go device and the iphone is a sit and use device (IMO).
Most carriers have a 30 day return policy so test them both.

Justin | 25 Dec 2008