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3G iPhone

Hit or Miss

3G iPhone

I decided a couple of months ago that I wanted to get the iPhone, but my friend Steve convinced me to wait for the new 3G model (and I couldn’t convince Jeff to take over the fantastic Sprint plan I bullied my way into). Still, I’m loathe to give up my familiar Palm applications and I’m around WiFi nodes all day long so I don’t really care that much about the speed bump promised in the new model.

So the new 3G iPhone is finally here (but not available until July 11). Will I switch? The continued lack of a user swappable battery is worrisome (though I’ve never had to replace the battery on any phone I’ve owned), but most of the other concerns about the first iPhone seem to have been cleared up (I wasn’t holding my breathe for the rumored front facing camera for video conferencing that didn’t appear). And could it be that a Palm emulator might be on its way?

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Somehow I knew you’d come out of blogernation to blog about the iPhone…

I still think it isn’t worth it at least until your Sprint plan expires…

Part of me kinda wants an iPod touch, though…and part of me wants an iPhone, though I’d never spend that money on a phone; I’m much more of the guy who goes in and says, “So what model can I get for free with my new contract?”

ay | 9 Jun 2008

Hella cheap though. At this price I’ll get the better model and pick up Mobile Me to boot.

Mike B. | 9 Jun 2008