Hit or Miss

Why you should still go out and vote for Obama even if they say Hillary is going to win your state…

So, Hillary is predicted to win New York state in today’s primary. Why then am I still bothering to go stand in line to vote for Obama?* It’s all about “proportional allocation.”

Unlike the winner-takes-all-delegates Republican state primaries, a Democrat can miss out on winning the popular vote but still get a sizable chunk of delegates. And there’s a hell of a lot of delegates up for grabs today (1,688 delegates from 22 states).

Vote for Obama

* I’m really not interested in getting into any “why I’m voting for Obama” discussions / arguments.

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Sí se Puede.

Kevin | 5 Feb 2008

I saw Obama in St. Louis on 2/2. It was cool. Also cool: Obama pulling from behind to win Missouri after the networks had already called the state for Hillary.

Bob | 11 Feb 2008

You’re only gonna vote for the candidate that gives more crap about queers! Thus the little rainbow Barack thing on your site

E. Goldstein | 6 Mar 2008