Hit or Miss

Zoo Animals on Wheels

TV Guide once labeled it the 19th funniest moment in TV History. I remember almost peeing myself with laughter. But watching these clips from Chris Elliot’s Get a Life 15 years later without context, it’s hard to remember why.

Chris Elliot is a pathetic 30-year-old paperboy, who still lives with his parents. In this episode, he auditions for a local community theatre production and winds up starring opposite his married neighbor, who he has the hots for. Oh, yeah, he plays a sad wildebeest. On roller skates. Singing.

And part 1 and part 2.

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I don’t know about ‘one of the funniest moments in TV history,’ but it’s a good episode. Though I agree that the show isn’t as funny now as when I was 19-or-so years old.

I really like the ‘Wallet Boy’ episode, though, for its sheer unapologetic zaniness.

Todd Denham | 17 Aug 2007

I’m watching all of the Get a Life’s, and have to say that they wer sooooo much funnier when I was 15-16. It is extremely a product of it’s time, which was the transition between the ’80s and ’90s. But, few shows come close to the shear unapologetic brain-damaged insanity displayed.

One of my Faves is the submarine in the bathtub episode.

CD | 11 Aug 2010

….or the toxic waste/spelling bee episode.

CD | 11 Aug 2010