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Absolutely nothing

Hit or Miss

Absolutely nothing

Apparently I’ve been pretty busy lately doing absolutely nothing.

It’s summer and I don’t have any students in my residence hall anymore, but I’m still working until 7pm each night. Probably because the elevator in my building has been broken for 3 weeks and it’s too much of a hastle to go home.

I recoded QueerFilter pretty much from scratch.

I’ve been watching new summer shows: Life on Mars, Love Soup, Eureka, Psych, season 1 of Slings & Arrows on DVD, and the new seasons of The Venture Bros, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. So much for TiVo owners watching less TV than others.

Tonight I rewatched my favorite episode from the short-lived show Cupid (created by pre-Veronica Mars Rob Thomas), because I needed a little cathartic cry and I bawled my head off for an hour when I originally saw it.

Friday I’m headed out to Jersey to help spread my uncle’s ashes across the river from the Statue of Liberty (reportedly the plan originally was to sneak him onto the island divided between us in pocketed ziplock baggies). I’m supposed to sing his favorite hymn, which I haven’t really learned yet. My parents are coming into town for this, and on Saturday we’re going out to dinner with Jeff and his parents. Weird.

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Oh dear. I’m sorry for your loss, Matt.

Jason | 4 Aug 2006

I’m sure you song turned out great! Hope the big family dinner went well! That’s really fantastic that both your parents and you two are all going to be together!

Chris | 6 Aug 2006

Condolences Matt, You would have done him proud. Its a beautiful song.

Morrie | 9 Aug 2006