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Bob & Matt

Bob and Matt at Astor Place

One of the RAs I used to supervise back at Truman (6 years ago?!) visited New York the other day and we met for lunch. I’m bad at keeping in touch with people, so thankfully Bob has a blog.

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So THAT’S why my hit traffic increased last week… And here I thought it was because I had written something people wanted to read. 🙂

Bob | 17 Jul 2006

Hey Matt, In honor of Bertie’s birthday today, I thought I’d check out your blog and the latest happenings in the world of Matt. Perfect timing as I see you recently had a visit from a past res life friend… I think we’ve been replaced! Maybe it’s because we don’t come to visit, *sigh*. It was sad to see that she and I haven’t been mentioned since 2000. But upon searching for myself I did find a rather funny clip! I love how things are immortalized on the internet for all time! Anyway, hope you have a great day! Hope you had a fun visit, Bob!

Shannon | 31 Jul 2006