Hit or Miss

Running late…

Ack! Running late to the airport and we’re still packing. Jeff and I are flying down to Alabama for my brother Gary’s (not-)wedding and we’ll be back next week. I’m also way behind on responding to emails, etc…

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A not-wedding? Is this some sort of Alabama thing I’ve missed out on? You can still have a keg at the reception for a not-wedding in Alabama, right?

Max | 9 Jun 2006

Actually, we are already married, this is the reception. And yes you can have a keg. In fact, We got two kegs, barbeque chicken, burgers, hotdogs, slaw, potato salad and much much more. Yes that’s right folks and for just the next few minutes if you subscribe we will throw in a toaster just for ordering…sorry little sleep – lots of caffeine.

Peanut | 9 Jun 2006

Hope you have a great time!

Jere | 11 Jun 2006

Thanks, Jere. It went great.

Peanut | 12 Jun 2006