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A Fix-It Manual: How to Get More People to Watch the Tony Awards

A Fix-It Manual: How to Get More People to Watch the Tony Awards: This Sunday, CBS airs the 60th annual edition of the perennially ratings-challenged Tony Awards. A “few ideas for how to get people to watch the damn thing.”

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The biggest problem with the Tonys is that they’re obviously unclear what their target audience is: is the telecast a giant infomercial designed to get people in middle America excited about Broadway musicals, or is it an awards ceremony by and for the industry. If it’s the former, then by all means get more “faces from US Magazine” and I’ll just rent a movie that night.

But if it’s the latter, (and I think it should be) then stop trying to be something it’s not. Stop worrying about ratings and move back to PBS. Put the designers and special awards back in the same ceremony with everyone else; to ghettoize them the way they are now is simply insulting.

Tony, you can’t be all things to all people. Just relax and do what you’re good at. (Though, yes, I do agree that an open bar makes every awards show more interesting).

tim | 7 Jun 2006