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“Dreamgirls” Excerpts Presented at Cannes

Hit or Miss

“Dreamgirls” Excerpts Presented at Cannes

Four of the musical scenes from the upcoming film version of DREAMGIRLS were screened at the Cannes Film Festival, where they generated a lot of positive buzz.

And according to Time Magazine, the four new songs in the film have all been written by original composter Henry Krieger: a new song for Effie, a new ballad for Deena, a “Marvin Gaye-style protest number” named “Patience” for James Thunder Early, and a song for a Jackson Five-type group that features in a new subplot (maybe the new subplot involving John Lithgow’s character?).

And now there’s a new “Behind the Scenes” trailer. (I’m cringing at some of the dialogue, but otherwise it looks fantastic)

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