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Kenny vs. Spenny

One of the best parts of Jeff’s and my recent trip to Montreal (my first trip outside the US) was watching bizarre Canadian television. Flipping through the channels in the hotel, I came across an awesome show which chronicles the competitions of two immature friends, Kenny and Spencer (like “Who can stay blindfolded the longest?” or “Who can stand up the longest?”). The winner (usually Kenny, because he cheats) gets to make the loser go through a “humilation” (like having to chew on the winner’s toenails). It’s practically a live-action “Beavis and Butthead.”

Jeff said I liked it because I’m still a frat boy deep down inside; I just think Spenny is cute. Imagine my delight when I learned the show is rebroadcast here in the States on GSN

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If memory serves me correctly, the first episode I saw ended with Spenny drinking a “tea” brewed with Kenny’s worn undershorts. *shudder*

Chris | 13 Dec 2005

Spenny is SO your type. His is kinda cute, though. Frat boy? You CAN’T really consider yourself a fratboy, right? Didn’t Lambda Chi dissipate at DePauw due to the crazy antics of the guys in the house (read: extreme loserdom and an inability to attract anymore 18-year-olds to join)?

Lauren | 15 Dec 2005

I couldnt sleep last night and I saw an episode on GSN where they were handcuffed for 72 hrs. Kenny threw a surprise party for spenny who hates being the center of attention. He also flew in a producer friend who spenny owes $10,000 to. Needless to say Spenny lost. It was great.

mediaguy | 19 Dec 2005

i hope when you meant spenny was cuter, u were talking about me? kennyhotz.com

kenny | 31 Dec 2005