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Hello from 8th Street

Hit or Miss

Hello from 8th Street

Jeff and I successfully moved up from the Financial District to our new apartment on 8th Street at Fifth Ave. There’s still lots of unpacking to do, but at least we managed to move everything (that’s actually a lie… I’m still working out of my old office for a few weeks and there’s a few odds and ends back at the old apartment I’ll bring home after work).

Here’s a few photos of the new pad (prior to moving stuff in yesterday):

Apartment entryway Living Room 1 Living Room 2 Living Room 3 Bedroom Kitchen 1 Kitchen 2 View out the Living Room window View out the Living Room window (up 8th St)

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umm .. u trying to steal the place 🙂

LOL ! The images don’t load dude.

Jon | 25 Jun 2005

Welcome home!

: )

Silus Grok | 26 Jun 2005

I hate you! both!

david | 26 Jun 2005

Looks nice. I’m jealous of your new zip code.

Matt | 26 Jun 2005

what a snazzy kitchen you have. excellent place, congrats 😉

jonwcollins | 27 Jun 2005

Wow! Congratulations!

Andy | 27 Jun 2005

I can’t believe that you live right across from my friends’ place. They actually live in the building you photographed. Cool apartment.

javier | 25 Jul 2005

Congrats on finishing the move! Such a relief to get it (mostly) overwith.

Mush | 2 Aug 2005

Nice! I hate you for living in Manhattan!
Just kidding. I’m from Manhattan and it’s my mecca.

sangroncito | 6 Aug 2005

Looks very nice! And the neighbourhood looks great, too. Ah Manhattan ..

Helga Fremlin | 9 Aug 2005