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Wedding March

Hit or Miss

Wedding March

This Sunday is the 2nd Annual Wedding March across the Brooklyn Bridge to support marriage equality for same-sex couples. Since I live right around the corner from the bridge, I feel like Jeff and I should go. But neither of us really seem really enthused about it.

Our relationship has been tested and evolved recently, and it’s due for even more challenges when Jeff officially gives up his apartment and moves in with me full-time this summer. But I think it will last.

I joke about the outlandish ways I might propose to Jeff or how I envision us singing a duet of showtunes at our wedding. Jeff always maintains he doesn’t intend to get married until it’s “legal.” We both have our coping mechanisms to stave fear of the future and the recognition that we’re getting older and it’s time to nest. The eventual legalization of gay marriage (at least in NY State) will rob Jeff of his excuse and force us to start thinking about where we may be (together?) in 10, 20, or even 50 years.