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The Man Date

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The Man Date

The Man Date: Male bonding without beer or sports.

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Girls Don’t Have These Problems

Man Date: Simply defined a man date is two heterosexual men socializing without the crutch of business or sports. It is two guys meeting for the kind of outing a straight man might reasonably arrange with a woman. Dining together…

swirlspice | 9 Apr 2005

This article is great. The term “man date” and the title “the man date” and the other term “a man date” will become part of the English vocabulary as a result of this article in the Times. Of course, there is no need for “woman date” because women don’t have to worry about these things, lucky people. Men, on the other hand, live in fear of homosexuality, and therefore, intimacy and sensitivity.

Great new coinage. See blog here for more info:


I think Hollywood will pick up this term and make a movie with the title THE MAN DATE, starrring someone like Adam Sandler or JErry Seinfeld etc.

Watch this term take off! Jennifer 8. Lee, reporter for the Times, is to be congratulated on a very good article. sure to reach the world blogosphere during the next 8 days…..

david hume | 11 Apr 2005

I thought the article was ridiculous. Sure, some guys are totally homophobic and can’t socialize without a game blaring in the background or a beer in their hand, but this article was mainly about homophobia, not about men’s social habits! Most guys I know are perfectly content to see a movie with a guy friend, order a bottle of wine if they feel like it, and visit museums together if they like art. What should have been addressed in this article was the underlying fear the men interviewed have of being perceived as “gay.” Who the hell cares if someone think you’re gay? Just go have fun. (I thought liberal arts colleges–like that the museum-goers in the opening paragraphs attended–taught kids that. Go back to school, guys!)

lng | 11 Apr 2005

I have been enjoying “man dates” with my best friend for nearly three decades, as well as having regular two-hour-plus phone calls when he has lived in distant locales. Neither of us have ever considered this in any way strange or “homosexual” (and my friend is a military officer, no less).

I think those men who deny themselves close friendships with other men out of fear of “homosexuality” are tragically sick. Unfortunately, that sickness seems to be the rule rather than the exception in the United States (where perverted Puritanism is itself a major cause of sickness). Otherwise there would have been no point to writing such an article in the Times. But maybe the article will open some eyes, and bring something that is beneficial, valuable, and entirely respectable out of the closet (as it were).

Ted | 11 Apr 2005

I think those men who deny themselves close friendships with other men out of fear of “homosexuality� are actually gay but too weak to deal.

I agree with Ted – perverted Puritanism continues to raise its absurd head. Men routinely hold hands in other cultures.

Mushlette | 3 May 2005