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Experiment: Smells Like Tinmanic

Hit or Miss

Experiment: Smells Like Tinmanic

One of the reasons why I know I’m in love with Jeff is that I can catch his scent on a pillow or piece of clothing and be reminded of him. One time when he was gone for a few days, I wore a shirt he left at my apartment so I wouldn’t be lonely. I’ve figured out that the scent is his Old Spice High Endurance (Fresh) deodorant.

Growing up in the hot, humid South, I never considered simple deodorant to be an option. I don’t “glow” — I sweat like a pig. But around the time that I noticed most anti-perspirants switching to Aluminum Zirconium Tricholorohydrex GLY as an active ingredient, I started developing rashes under my arms. I keep switching brands to try and find one with fragrances or coloring I didn’t react to, but they all had the same effect.

One day when I ran out of anti-perspirant, I borrowed Jeff’s deodorant. Surprisingly, I found that I didn’t sweat too much. My underarms didn’t sting from chemical interactions. And the deodorant did a much better job of covering the sweat smell than anti-perspirants.

I’ve used a couple different brands of deodorants now over the past few months, but I also kept sneaking swipes of Jeff’s deodorant now and then. So, today I finally broken down and bought my own stick of Old Spice High Endurance (Fresh) deodorant.

My experiment commences. Will wearing Jeff’s scent every day make me fall even more deeply in love with him? Or will the sensory memory connected with it wane from overexposure?

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As for you, you tend to smell like Febreze.

Aw… better loving through smells…

Tin Man | 29 Mar 2005

Are gay men allowed to wear Old Spice? I’m fairly certain it is against the rules. 🙂

Jeffrey | 29 Mar 2005

that is the most disturbing post I’ve read this morning. Isn’t the real question whether it will be the scent -or- the lack of irritating rash that will instill deeper love?

jonwcollins | 30 Mar 2005

That’s EXACTLY what happened to me! Is there any antiperspirant left that doesn’t contain Aluminum Zirconium? I’ve got to use an antiperspirant, but nearly everything makes me break out in a rash. Oh, and yes…gay men are allowed to wear Old Spice as long as it’s not the “classic” scent.

John | 1 Apr 2005

The more appropriate question is “Does smelling like Jeff all day make you feel randy all day?”

I prefer the French method– a litlte eu de toillete under the arms and you’re good to go.

tribecatexan | 3 Apr 2005