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Catherine Zeta Jones Walks Among Us

Aren’t those T-Mobile ads with Catherine Zeta Jones spooky? You can totally tell she’s just blue-screened in with footage of other people. I almost spit out my drink last night when a new T-Mobile ad played during the West Wing last night and ended with Zeta Jones actually reaching out and touching the people in the same frame as her. They’ve either improved the technology of pasting her into the commercial or they realized we’ve gotten hip to their cost-cutting maneuvers.

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I never even thought about that when I saw the T Mobile commercials. I just knew they bothered me. Seemed so fake. Can’t say I have T Mobile.

Rachel | 26 Mar 2005

I *always* thought about that when I saw the commercials! While there was no evidence of a blue screen in her aura and everyone was lit very well, she was somehow shorter than normal in a nopt-built-to-scale way and she was also walking on a different geometric plane.

You’re my soul mate, Matt. Don’t tell Jeff.

david | 29 Mar 2005

Catherine Zeta is definitely filmed separately because she is a big hulking woman (an Amazon)

j | 17 Oct 2005

actually, there is no blue screen used in the filming of these commericials. i have a friend in the new one (the little cheerleader) and she actually worked with zeta-jones during the shoot.

karlie | 15 Nov 2005

I think that Catherine Zeta-Jones is the most amazing person alive. She is my hero and then some. The word hero is only a slight desciption of what she means to me. I would give my whole life up just to meet her!

casi | 24 Nov 2005

i also have a friend that was in one of the last batch of commercials. Catherine was actually green screened in.

joesuff | 16 Dec 2005

Hi. I’m a journalist who writes for the NY Times and NPR. I’m looking to do a profile of the girl who plays the cheerleader in one of the T-Mobile commercials. I read on another blog her name is Laura Ortiz and I saw that one of her friends, Karlie, had posted here. I think she’s so funny and talented and is a rising star and I’d love to do a piece about her burgeoning career. If you could pass on the message to her or let me know who her agent is, that’d be great.


starlee | 4 Jan 2006

you can look up Laura Ortiz’s agent and managers information by calling the screen actors guild (SAG)but ive been looking her up on the internet and i think she is represented by Bicoastal agency in LA, i think… u can find out by going to sag for sure. she so damn cute, i think shes going to be HUGE in a couple of years. i looked her up on IMDB and she has a wes craven movie and a few other shows coming up.

Kristi | 24 Jan 2006

my daughter was in a commercial with her just recently and I sat on set. Catherine Zeta Jones was actually right in there with them filming for hours. I haven’t noticed in the other commercials

carly | 26 Jan 2006

I just Googled “Catherine Zeta Jones T-Mobile bluescreen” and ended up here, so I’ve noticed the weirdness in these commercials too. But I also have to believe the eye witnesses — they must do a mix. After all, she’s an A-list talent, and must be on location a lot. However, it’s nice to see that it’s just not me that was thinking something looked off.

carl | 13 Feb 2006

Yeah, Catherine does look a bit off in those commercials, but i dont know if they use a blue sceen. However, she is amazing in the Movie Chicago. She’s so talented!

mell | 15 Feb 2006

I was an actor on the cheerleader commercial and I can say that Catherine Zita Jones was on set. Which is weird because she just ends up in a lttle box at the end… She was very nice, very friendly – not approachable – but still very nice.

Kevin | 2 Mar 2006

Catherine Zeta Jones is amazing and extremely talented. I wouldn’t be surprised if T-Mobile cut costs that way, but it never bothered me.

Shawn | 6 Jun 2006

I find it hard to believe that the actual people who worked on the set of the T-Mobile commercial, or the friend/mother of those people, all waste their time on the internet searching for “T-Mobile Cheerleader” and posting “I Know What The Deal Is” blog comments. You are weird and desperately need some psychological evaluation.

Jeffrey | 17 Jul 2006

Karlie, please tell that adorable little cheerleader that does the commercials she should consider going into movies! She reminds me of my friends when I was that age, she reminds me of the little sister I always wanted and she makes me laugh almost to the point of tears when I see the commercial! When I did an imitation of her to my freinds over dinner one night, they all laughed and thought the same thing I did, she makes me want to support T Mobile just too see more of her great routine!! Thanks and have a great day. PS Jeffrey, if people coming to this site and writing need psych help, I guess that means you need a sofa too, right? Here’s to being crazy…lifes too short to be serious!!

nicole | 22 Jul 2006

who cares if she’s blue screened? what a stupid thing to talk about.

chris | 16 Aug 2006

i dont know about blue screened but she sure makes me blue balled, wow i dont know what i would do if she reached out and touched me, probably solve my blue ball problem thats for damn sure!

harry zetatestys | 7 Sep 2006

I never even thought about that when I saw the T Mobile commercials. I just knew they bothered me. Seemed so fake. Can't say I have T Mobile.

Rachel | 4 Nov 2009