Hit or Miss


I’ve really cut down on my caffeine intake over the past two years, but it’s been slipping lately after I started substituting a Pepsi Lemon for breakfast.

Yesterday I managed to drain two 20 oz Pepsi’s before 3pm, so I decided not to drink any pop today. I was consequently worthless and listless all day. I finally broke down at 6:30pm and poured myself a tall glass of Pepsi.

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Pepsi? Really? Yuck! I’m a Coke Man all the way…

Jere | 9 Feb 2005

I know, I know. I almost wrote a post note about how growing up I would never have called it “pop” or “soda”… simply “coke”, because Coke is what you drink in the South. My family told me that drinking Pepsi is the sign I’ve truly become a Northerner. And that Pepsi Twist is so tasty…

Matt | 10 Feb 2005

I know exactly what you mean, my husband has decided we should only drink water for the week, that means no diet pepsi for me, which of corse I am addicted too. I am feeling the effects today, as I have a serious headache… I think I might sneek one on my lunch break.

Amy | 10 Feb 2005

I am quit drinking Coke in January, and (once I survived the week of horrid caffeine withdrawal headaches) I feel so much better now that I’m not downing my normal 2 liter a day. No afternoon headaches that always seemed to appear before.

Sherrie | 10 Feb 2005

Pop? Nobody says that here. 🙂

Matt | 11 Feb 2005

Pop is all we say here in Ontario… My mom is from Nova Scotia and she calls it Soda and gets strange looks. She has my little brother calling it Soda as well.

Amy | 11 Feb 2005