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Subway evacuation

Hit or Miss

Subway evacuation

Subway evacuation

I was on my way last night to the dress rehearsal for my chorus concert and had left in plenty of time to get there early and help set up the risers.

The 2/3 train was waiting at the Fulton St. platform when I arrived and I grabbed a seat. The train sat at the station for about 10-15 minutes with the occassional PA announcement about an “investigation” going on at the Chambers station. Just when I was about to get off and take the A/C instead, the doors closed and we started moving.

Before we reached the Park Place station, the train stopped. We stayed there for about 45 minutes before the conductor announced we would be pulling into Park Place and everyone would have to get off the train. They were only going to be able to get the first car into the station (because of a train ahead of us), so we would have to walk through the train to the front car to exit. And of course, I was in the last car. I snapped the picture above as we started to evacuate.

When I was halfway through the next to first car, the train unexpectantly started moving again and people were jostled. Then the conductor came on the PA and told us we to be careful and not ride between cars. Great timing.

We pulled into Park Place and they announced the 2/3 line was back in service, so I stayed on the train and rode the remainder of the way to the Upper West side. Since the first local 1/9 train back in service was just leaving from Chambers, I had to ride up to 96 St and then transfer to the Downtown platform to catch a local train back down to 86 St. I managed to arrive at rehearsal only about 35 minutes late.

So far, I haven’t been able to find any news reports about what held up the trains.