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Treo 650

Hit or Miss

Treo 650

I haven’t been blogging much lately because I’ve been focusing all my energy (as Jeff can attest) on my current obsession: obtaining a Treo 650 as soon as it becomes commercially available.

I spent the entire summer anticipating the Sidekick II, but after it was released I wasn’t too impressed by the specs (ex. lack of Javascript in the browser). I also decided I couldn’t live without Vindigo, which I currently use on my Clie.

Around the time I decided I’d get a Treo 600 instead of a Sidekick, news of the new Treo model started to surface and I knew I’d be disappointed if I didn’t wait for it instead. But that waiting is getting interminable.

I’m registered for a Palm-sponsored Treo workshop on Nov. 16 (where I will be getting information on how to order the 650, which should also finally be available in Sprint stores at that point).

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Cool. I’ll be looking forward to your impressions of the 650. I’ve been meaning to get a PDA phone for a while now, and this could be the one. (I’m with Sprint too, but not so happy with their reception, so that’s another issue I’m hesitating over.)

Rebel Prince | 1 Nov 2004