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Need help finding Photo Gallery software

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Need help finding Photo Gallery software

Can anyone recommend a good, free HTML photo gallery creator for Windows? (if I were on a Mac, I’d be using iPhoto) I want to create a gallery of the photos from Jeff’s and my trip to Washington, DC.

Ideally, the program would let me customize the HTML output, but currently I’d settle for one that allows me to specifiy captions on each photo. I tried Picasa, the image library program recently acquired by Google, but it doesn’t appear to allow you to create captions for each photo.

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Have you used Web Photo Gallery, one of the choices under “Automate” in Photoshop? Not so much free, i.e. you need Photoshop. But it let’s you write an HTML template, if you don’t like the default ones. Captioning can be done, but not automatedly: you have to edit each HTML file and add the caption. Sorry if you knew this already. 🙂

Angelo | 29 Jul 2004

Matt–I have no idea if this is the type of thing you’re talking about, but the Web Album Generator at http://www.ornj.net/ is really simple, works like a charm, and seems to have quite a few customizable options. It’s a no-brainer for non-tech types like me, but it might not be exactly what you’re looking for in terms of control issues. Give it a shot.

Max | 29 Jul 2004

I’d suggest fotki.com it’s not a program, but rather a “service.” You can easily create galleries folders and albums and pictures with captions, without all the fuss and mess. Check out the simple template customization that I did with my school’s website.



It auto creates thumbnails, easy to create “titles” and after you’ve uploaded it to the site, you can easily print them off for 19 cents a print.

Yes it’s remotely hosted, but it’s the best all around package that I’ve found for sharing photos.

Jayson Franklin | 29 Jul 2004

I use http://coppermine.sourceforge.net/ and love it. Many custom options are available and since it is open-source PHP, you can specifically modify it to fit your needs.

David July | 30 Jul 2004

I totally recommend JAlbum (http://jalbum.net/). I use it for all the albums I’ve posted (http://pictures.ebiagio.net). Multiple templates and options to choose from, you can create your own templates, and you some of the templates will even link to a picture printing service.

Biagio | 31 Jul 2004