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Hit or Miss


There’s a new multi-city-centric weblog site called MetroBlogging, but so far I’m less than impressed (when I first saw the link, I thought it had something to do with straight men who exfoliate).

There’s already some pretty great NYC weblogs out there; and NYC is far too big a town to ably cover generically anyway (thus the rise of great NYC topic blogs).

The MetroBlogging site invites 20 or so bloggers to cover each city, but doesn’t yet seem to have any way to filter by subject or author. A more useful (to me, anyway) solution for city-centric blogging was the much-missed Localfeeds.com, which automatically generated city pages using RSS and GeoURL tags. Or my own Queerfilter.com, which collects RSS excerpts and lets readers filter the posts by different parameters (state, country, language, gender, sexual orientation).

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Localfeeds is on it’s way back.


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Ross M Karchner | 19 Aug 2004