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That’s So Gay

Hit or Miss

That’s So Gay

Last night Jeff (his writeup) and I went to the WYSIWYG Talent Show, “That’s So Gay! Totally Gay Tales of Gayness,” to cheer on Sparky. His piece was fantastic, as were the rest of the performers. It was treat to meet Faustus, Bob, and Charlie. Jeff and I (and Sparky) show up in the background of this snapshot moblogged in the middle of the show.

And I got the autographs (!) of the Hazzards, the ukulele strumming singers of “Gay Boyfriend.”

Chris, the event’s producer, has a running list of write-ups of the night.

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Reviews of last night’s WYSIWYG Talent Show are starting to crop up – I’ll keep adding them to this post as I find them, so check back later to see more. And if you know of any I’ve missed, please…

uffish thoughts | 23 Jun 2004