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“What a fun way to eat fruit!”

Hit or Miss

“What a fun way to eat fruit!”

For pretty much the first time ever (even after dating for over 8 months), Jeff and I stayed in and cooked instead of going out to eat. He made a great salad, while I contributed some lukewarm Ragu & tortellini and buttery toasted English muffins. We also sat at my dining room table for its first ever meal-use since I bought it back in January.

Afterwords, we tested out the blender I bought this afternoon. Even though we discovered that wedges of oranges are not the best ingredient (too much pulpy skin), we giddily envisioned a summer full of fruit smoothies (hence Jeff’s exclamation that provided the title of this post).

Update: Faced with a refrigerator filled with leftover vegetables, Jeff and I decided to make omelets for brunch. Notice the amazingly similar color palettes of the two meals…

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try using a little OJ instead of oranges. My favorite shake is watermelon, strawberries and OJ. Not the most interesting combo, but it works out fairly nicely.

jon collins | 13 Jun 2004

add pineapples to the above. oops.

jon collins | 14 Jun 2004

Hey, my girlfriend and I have that same tablecloth on our bed!
(are you sure you are really a gay man?)

Zooey | 14 Jun 2004

Cooking is a wonderful hobby that you can share with your partner. Just buy quality cooking tools and learn about how to take care of them. They make all the difference.

My partner is a gardener and I am the cook. He grows most of my herbs and I enjoy cooking different things for him.

Pick your favorite restaurant food and learn how to make it. I’ve learned how to make sushi and pad thai and a lot of other cool things. It’s fun (and cheaper than eating out all the time).

Keith | 15 Jun 2004

Jeff looks so cute in that picture, I could just eat him. 🙂

david | 19 Jun 2004