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Hit or Miss


What’s cooler than going to the NY Blogger Panel at the Apple Store? Not even bothering to blog about it immediately afterwards.

Check out what Jeff, Mike, Sparky, and Matt Jacobs had to say about it, because I can’t be bothered (I also ran into Andy and Chris).

Tuesday saw the release of the cast recording of Sondheim’s BOUNCE. In the past, I would have been there as the store opened to buy it and then obsessively listened to the CD over and over for the next 48 hours. Instead, I picked it up as an afterthought because I was walking past J&R and I haven’t gotten past the first couple of tracks.

Sunday I’m going to see an obscure Cy Coleman musical that’s always been a guilty favorite. I haven’t even seen it yet, and I’ve already forgotten it.

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Your site has made me smile 🙂

Anonymous | 1 Dec 2004