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Hit or Miss

It’s cool to watch a TV show (like this week’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) and see footage filmed in locations I regularly shop at (Century 21 and the IKEA in NJ).

It’s not cool to see newspaper photos of my subway stop, where yesterday a man was hit by a train and lost his arm.

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Jeff | 5 Mar 2004

if you are ever in the mood, head to broadway and battery place (just across from battery park) and take a look at that big cube-ish building on top of the Brooklyn-Battery tunnel. That was the building used in MIB and MIB 2 for their headquarters. (I used to live right next door on west street/batter place.)

jon collins | 6 Mar 2004

Three thousand people died at or around a subway station I used to use fairly often. Does that count?

(BTW, the World’s Fair area used in MIB 1 is now a theatre where I once saw Barbara Cook do a concert, and also saw Brent Barrett and Sally Mayes do Marry Me A Little. Not a vacant lot, as they’d have you believe.)

Mike B | 8 Mar 2004