Hit or Miss

Evolution of the Halftime

Looks like the latest era of Superbowl halftime shows is probably over. Thank goodness we were never subjected to Carol Channing’s breasts.

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Please, recall the 2001 Superbowl showing the beer commercial with girls fighting by poolside.
More secually suggestive than Janet’s stunt yesterday. I believe the problem with Janet’s stunt was that it suggested sexual fun outside where it is not fobidden any more. Sex should only be portrayed next to Ford or next to a Bud but not on its own. T.V.’s purpose is defeated as soon as sex is not portrayed outside of advertising.

pk | 3 Feb 2004

Amazing that a little tit has offended so many, with all the violence constantly on television for years and the indignation to date regarding violence so muted. The naked human being is offensive, but violence acceptable,curious!

N.W. Hlady | 3 Feb 2004

On TV here in France the breast thing wouldn’t have rated any discussion at all if Americans hadn’t freaked out so much. Hell, I am an american and I’m still not sure what the big deal was. Ooh pop performers acting trashy. Not exactly a surprise, is it?

Damelon Kimbrough | 16 Feb 2004