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Following the PATH

I may have figured out the subway, but the Path train completely confuses me. Coming back from my weekend getaway to Jersey with Jeff, I let 3 trains to Journal Square go by (45 minutes) before hearing the conductor announce (after the doors closed) that you had to ride to the next station to transfer to a train for the WTC station (a sign would have helped). Jeff thinks the regular schedule was off because of the crazy snow.

The new WTC station is wonderfully airy and open to the elements, which would be nice except for the fact that it opened one week before a major winter storm. Most of the wide entrance was roped off while custodians tried to squeegee away all the water and slush.

And one more thing… you can use the pay-per-ride MetroCards to ride from the WTC station, but not back to the station? (which I didn’t realize until I tried to come home. Thankfully Jeff had a card).

Anyway, people from Jersey can keep telling themselves that living just across the river is like living in the sixth borough of NYC, but the PATH train is no substitute for the subway. Living in Manhattan has completely spoiled me.


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I would cut the PATH some slack on the MetroCard thing. It’s… in beta. As for the sign thing, there are maps in every station. It’s not rocket science 😉 What station were you in?

brian w | 8 Dec 2003

I was at Pavonia-Newport, which should have had a train to the WTC (it was 6:45pm, before the night routes go into effect). There were no maps on the platform and I didn’t want to walk back up the LOOOOOOOOOONG tunnel to the entrance of the station to look at one, lest I miss the train.

Matt | 8 Dec 2003

OK, you win. That’s broken. I don’t use Newport much (excepttogotothemallshh). Now I have a reason not to.

brian w | 8 Dec 2003

“Coming back from my weekend getaway to Jersey with Jeff”

‘S wonderful! ‘S marvelous!
That you two should care for each other!
‘S awful nice! ‘S paradise!

Christopher | 9 Dec 2003