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Best Fag Hags

Hit or Miss

Best Fag Hags

Instinct Magazine picked the “best college campuses for the gay student,” and my employer made the cut.

BEST FAG HAGS (Parsons School of Design, NYC): If you’ve always wanted to be Issac Mizrahi and have Sandra Bernhard as your gal pal, Parsons is for you. At a school where fashion design is one of the most popular majors and with a 25/75 male/female student population, most of the guys will want to get with you and most of the gals will want to shop with you. Located in the heart of NYC, Parsons has the whole of the best city in the world to offer.

Note: Parsons is a division of New School University, and over 50% of my residents are in the program, so I can attest to the accuracy of the description above.